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54th Special Report: Human Rights Violations being Perpetrated against citizens must be stopped!

“It is to be recalled that an armed group had recently launched an attack against one government official, and three other government employees in Sidama zone, South Ethiopia Region. One regional Council official, a teacher and a driver working with the Regional Council were killed, and another teacher was wounded in the attack that was launched against them on July 22/2002 while on their way to Awassa from Liku town. Members of the armed group who launched the attack against the victims at a spot located two kilometers away from Morecho township, had worne masks to conceal their identities. These rebels laid in wait for the car the victims were using. When the car arrived at the spot, the rebels shot at the car and flattened its tires. The car was then forced to stop. They ordered the four persons out of the car, shot three of them to death and seriously wounded the fourth person.”

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52nd Special Report: Put a halt to human rights violations of people on the streets

Ethiopia’s unresolved economic, social and political problems have continued to plunge the country deep into the morass of poverty, hardship and misery. This critical situation has assumed extremely serious dimensions. After the downfall of the Derg, a regime espousing and advancing ethnic politics usurped political power. Ethnocentric rule coupled with an ineffective economic policy has been the major cause for the displacement and fleeing of people. They were also causes for the lack of any security in peoples lives. Quite a large number of citizens have been exposed to street life. The government has not taken any adequate and effective precautionary measures or measures to alleviate the problem. In consequence, the number of people joining street life is increasing at an alarming rate.

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Special Report No. 51:Serious Human Rights Violations in Awassa and Its Environs

“The community, on the basis of its right, under Article 30 of FDRE’s Constitution, “to assemble, to demonstrate together with others peaceably unarmed, and to petition the Government.” had notified, through the organizers of the demonstration, the concerned local Government Authorities the reasons for the peaceful demonstration/assembly, the starting and finishing time as well as the routes to be followed by the public during the demonstration. As per the programme, the demonstration was announced to take place on May 24, 2002 and it was to start 5 kilo metres outside Awassa town, at a place called “Hoke” and was arranged to terminate at Revolution Square in the center of Awassa town.

On the above-mentioned date about seven thousand (7000) residents of Awassa town as well as those people living in wereda (district) towns and peasant association areas outside Awassa town had decided to take part in the peaceful demonstration. Most of the demonstrating public carried, in its hand, only leaves of false banana (inset) and bouchet of green grasses. Those in front of the demonstrating public had either draped themselves or were visibly carrying the Ethiopian national flags.

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50th Urgent Appeal

“It is to be recalled that EHRCO too had made its stand clear regarding the case against Dr. Taye Woldesemait in its Special Report No. 3 issued on 27 June 1996. This report was sent to all concerned officials and bodies of the FDRE government. Since then and in addition to following Dr. Taye Woldesemait’s case closely, EHRCO has been demanding, along with other international human rights organizations, the immediate and unconditional release of “Prisoner of Conscience” Dr. Taye Woldesemait who has been in detention for some 6 years. EHRCO would now like to express its support of the demands of international human rights organizations for Dr. Taye’s unconditional release.”

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48th Special Report: Human Rights Violations Committed in Oromiya Region

“On 20 March 2002, officials of the regional government issued a call to students of Darge Senior High School to come on 21 March at 8:00 a. m. to Nekemte multi- purpose meeting hall in order to discuss various issues. The students accepted the call and presented themselves at the meeting hall at the time specified. The officials who had issue the call informed the students that the topic of the discussion would be “speeding up Rural Development” and gave clarifications on the topic.

Then the students expressed their wish to ask questions and when they were given permission, they raised the following questions:

a) How would the rural centered new Oromiya development policy benefit the Oromo people?

b) Why is the forest in our region being destroyed?

c) At present, because the fertilizer debt that the peasant is required to pay has become more than what he can afford to pay, he is forced to sell his domestic animals. What are you planning to do regarding this?”

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Special Report No. 47: Terrorism Does Not Solve Any Problem

“It is with profound sadness that the Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO) received the news about the tragic plane attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D. C. on 11 September 2001. Many lives and property have been lost as a result of these violent actions.

Being an organisation committed to the peaceful struggle for the protection and respect of human rights, EHRCO has been opposed to the use of any form of violence as a means of attaining one’s goals. Now and in the future, EHRCO will continue to oppose violence against fellow human beings. In its 13th Special Report issued on 2 May 1997, EHRCO had expressed its concern regarding the ever-increasing frequency of violent actions in different parts of Ethiopia. As violent actions destroy the lives and property of otherwise innocent and peaceful people, EHRCO had appealed to those responsible to stop their terrorist actions.

The increasing frequency of terrorist actions and vindictive retaliations in different countries of the world have not only failed to solve the problems that caused them, but also destroyed the lives of thousands of innocent and peaceful people as well as property whose monetary value is difficult to assess. Now again, the violent attacks of 11 September 2001 on the two cities of the United States of America are feared to have destroyed thousands of lives and property worth billions of dollars in addition to causing untold grief around the world. EHRCO condemns these reckless attacks and appeals to all peace-loving peoples and governments of the world to help bring those responsible to justice.”

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